Charlie Shamp: The Release of Andrew Brunson Is a Sign That God Will Destroy the Opioid Crisis in America

On “The Jim Bakker Show” today, self-proclaimed “prophet” Charlie Shamp claimed that God had given him a vision in which it was revealed that the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson was a sign that God will destroy the opioid crisis in America.

Shamp claimed that in August of 2018, “the Lord took me in a vision to several different places across the world where American citizens were being held captive by foreign governments” and told him that their release “will be a sign of the spirit of the Lord returning to America.”

In October, Andrew Brunson, an American pastor who had been held in Turkey for two years, was freed and Shamp claimed that when Brunson met with President Trump at the White House, God told Shamp, “That’s your sign of the return spirit of the Lord into the nation.”

Shamp prophesied that Michael White, an American who is currently being held in Iran, will be released and it will be a sign that God is going to free America from the opioid crisis.

“We’re standing in a pivotal time in American history,” Shamp said. “The Lord said, ‘As the captives go free in the nations, so too will the sons and daughters go free in America.’ The Lord is dealing right now with the spirit of drug addiction and pharmakeia in this country and the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘As a result of that prophetic word coming to pass, that is a sign that we’re going to begin to see many captives from drug addiction going free and the opium [sic] crisis in America is going to begin to be destroyed.'”