Cass To Launch Project Using 9/11 Anniversary to “Stop Islam In America”

You know who probably won’t be defending the rights of Muslims to build mosques in their communities or exercise their religious liberties? Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission who announced in a recent email his intention to launch a program tied to the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks that will “stop Islam in America” once and for all:

We have to face the hard reality that unless we act decisively now we are headed for a show down with a more powerful and merciless Islamic foe. We must stop Islam’s growth in America because if Muslims get strong enough, history proves what Muslims are going to do. It’s our children and grand children that will suffer!

For Islam to grow Muslims must lie and suppress the truth about the Qur’an and what Mohammad did, perverted things like having sex with a nine-year-old girl. Muslims strategically try to convert kids in poor neighborhoods with broken homes because they are most vulnerable to being radicalized by Islam. Because politically correct public schools refuse to tell the truth about Islam they cause our young people to be susceptible to Muslim indoctrination.

This year is the Tenth Anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. This gives us an incredible opportunity to expose the lies of Islam. That’s why we are going to launch our “911 DEFEND OUR STUDENTS CAMPAIGN.” We are going to defend our youth by bringing the truth to High Schools closest to the most dangerous Mosques in America. We already have cities requesting that we come and show them how to reach their community, but we can’t go unless you send us.

We will peacefully distribute literature to students as they enter their school. Press conferences will be held to explain why radical mosques and negligent schools have forced us to defend our youth. The whole community will have to come to grips with the threat of Islam in their midst. With your help we will destroy Islam’s ability to exploit America’s next generation with their lies and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

By the grace of God we will stop Islam in America! We plan to use the lead up to the Tenth Anniversary of September 11 to force America to face the clear and present threat to our youth. Our prayer is this will become an annual event that reaches every high school in America with the truth about Islam on the anniversary of September 11th.