Carly Fiorina—No Moderate

Although you won’t find it on Carly Fiorina’s campaign website’s list of endorsements, the far-right Government Is Not God PAC is going all-in for Fiorina’s race for US Senate. Government Is Not God PAC’s official blog lauds Fiorina’s ultraconservatism, and says that “if someone with the support of Sarah Palin, who is as socially conservative as Carly Fiorina wins in California it will mark a huge shift in American politics and send a wave of fear over the far left. We must win this seat!” They have already contributed $1,000 to Fiorina’s campaign and ask donors to contribute more.

According to their website, “GING-PAC supports only candidates who affirm that they are pro-life, pro-family and stand firmly against the unbiblical welfare state that is destroying the spiritual and economic greatness of our nation” and that “Candidates seeking GING-PAC support must complete a questionnaire concerning their stand on issues such as abortion, gambling, drug use, home schooling, school prayer, property rights, Second Amendment rights, welfare, defense and taxation.”

So what does Government Is Not God PAC believe in? Their survey asks candidates if they “oppose laws allowing homosexuals to adopt children” and “believe clergy should have the right to support or disapprove of candidates for political offices from the pulpit.” Candidates are also asked if they “support the right of students and teachers to publicly acknowledge the Creator” and support “eliminating the U.S. Department of Education.”

During the 2008 campaign, Government Is Not God PAC launched the website, which claimed that Barack Obama’s presidential campaign was supported by terrorists and his election victory would be celebrated by the “Death to America Coalition.” The fictional news video also suggested that President Obama would meet with Osama bin Laden and sound the Muslim call to prayer five times a day in The Capitol.

Will Carly Fiorina stand by an organization that is fundamentally opposed to gay rights and a purveyor of discredited conspiracy theories about President Obama?