Carl Gallups: Trump’s Demand For An Investigation Into ‘Spygate’ Is Really About Uncovering Obama’s Birth Certificate

Trump-loving right-wing pastor and rabid conspiracy theorist Carl Gallups said during a radio interview yesterday that President Trump’s demand that the Department of Justice investigate his baseless conspiracy theory that the Obama administration planted a spy in his 2016 presidential campaign is really about uncovering the truth about Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Gallups, a die-hard birther who regularly brags that he served as a “special deputy” on disgraced sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse” investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate, declared on the “Carl Lamm & Friends Show” yesterday that Trump demanded the investigation as a means of exposing Obama’s supposedly phony birth certificate.

“Now the man, Donald Trump, who first called for Obama to display a birth certificate to the world,” Gallups said, “he’s now calling for the DOJ to investigate the FBI placing spies and he’s wanting to know how it was connected to the Obama and Clinton offices, to the Oval Office.”

“I believe with all my heart that in the next year or two, this whole birth certificate thing is going to come to light,” he added, “because Donald Trump has just called, basically, for the DOJ to investigate Obama’s involvement in all of these deep state shenanigans  … That birth certificate goes to the foundation of a lot of what we’re watching.”

Gallups went on to say that he can “feel in my bones” that Trump’s demand is really aimed at exposing Obama’s birth certificate fraud, asserting that Trump knows that he cannot come right out and call for such an investigation without being attacked and mocked by the press for being a birther.

Gallups said that when Trump “starts unfolding this deep level investigation into the FBI and the CIA and their involvement in all this spying, and dossier, and fake everything, and fake news, I think they they’re going to run smack into the wall of the birth certificate.”