Carl Gallups: ‘All The Powers Of Hell’ Are Out To Destroy Trump

Right-wing Donald Trump-supporting pastor Carl Gallups appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program this morning, where he declared that opposition to President Trump is demonic and that “all of the powers of hell” are out to destroy him.

When host Perry Atkinson claimed that there is a “spiritual disdain” for Trump that goes beyond mere politics and vehemently attacks “anything that would be righteous,” Gallups heartily agreed.

“You are absolutely right,” Gallups responded, saying that attacks against Trump are evidence that “we are living in the most profoundly prophetic times since the first coming of Jesus Christ.”

Gallups argued that Trump is facing relentless attacks because he is a Christian and “a great friend to the church” who “picked as his vice president a Jesus-loving, spirit-filled, church-going, Bible-believing, Bible-studying, Bible-quoting Christian in Mike Pence.”

“God is honoring that,” Gallups stated. “I think the Lord’s hand is upon him to give the church some breathing room in these final days, in these very prophetic times in which we’re living. And what you’re watching, you’re watching all of the powers of hell come against him in the form of the anti-national sovereignty demonic realm, which is the form of globalism, which is, in the Bible, the kingdom reign of the Antichrist. You see, globalism is demonic.”