Candy Carson: Media Won’t Report Trump Agencies’ Accomplishments Because They’re Controlled By People Who Want To Bring Down America

In a speech to a conservative women’s event on Saturday, Candy Carson, the wife of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary and former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, claimed that media won’t report how Cabinet members like her husband are “getting things done” for our “sick and wounded” nation because the media and schools are controlled by people who want to “bring the United States down.”

Carson was a featured speaker at Saturday’s “Mom’s [sic] March for America,” meant to be a conservative alternative to January’s Women’s March; other speakers included former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson, and Teen-Vogue-hating “activist mommy” Elizabeth Johnston.

“Our nation is sick and wounded, but we do have people who care,” Carson said. “Although the various departments of the current administration do not all have their assistant secretaries in place, the heads of each of those departments, they’re getting things done. You don’t hear about it in mainstream media because they have a different agenda than keeping our citizenry informed and America strong for future administrations. And although they are the only business protected by our Constitution because they are supposed to keep everyone informed of the truth, they have become unethical and manipulative to try to steer the minds of everyone to their way of thinking.”

“Those who wanted to take over our country knew that they only needed to gain control of three things in order to bring the United States down,” Carson said, “our children, the press and our judicial system.”

Those people, she said, had succeeded in taking over the press and the schools, where the “books have been rewritten with a focus on indoctrination rather than true history,” but were stopped from taking over the judicial system when Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Last month, New York magazine and ProPublica reported extensively on the “lack of direction” in HUD under Ben Carson’s leadership.