Camenker and LaBarbera Say Christians Can’t Support “Evil” Marriage Equality

Brian Camenker of MassResistance joined Peter LaBarbera to brag about his work in Maryland, where a marriage equality bill in the House of Delegates was pulled off the floor after it lacked the votes to pass. Camenker laughed at Christian delegates who backed the bill, and said calling marriage equality “civil rights” is “complete nonsense and idiocy.”


Camenker: That’s something that really surprised, continues to surprise me Pete, is the complete nonsense and idiocy that these guys will believe. Some of these arguments from the gay marriage side were just so stupid, you know the “civil rights” argument for instance it was just I mean, how could anybody believe this nonsense? And they were just marching right in step; the cold water of anger from their constituents, boy that had an effect.

LaBarbera: You said “watching Bible-believing legislators repeat the “civil rights” platitudes was unbelievable,” so they’re being deluged with propaganda.

Camenker: Yeah, there was one guy in the Washington Post, one of the legislators, who said yes “I’m a Church-going, Bible-believing Christian, but I’m not going to let my religion interfere with my vote for civil rights.”

LaBarbera: “I’m not going to let my Christianity interfere with my pursuit of an evil agenda!” Oh brother.