Cain: Obama’s Refusal to Defend DOMA “Bordering On Treason”

On Friday, possible presidential candidate Herman Cain appeared on Bryan Fischer’s radio program again and Fischer lamented that most of the potential GOP candidates had been either silent or rather muted in response to the news that the Obama administration would no longer defend DOMA in court.

So Fischer asked Cain for his take on the issue and Cain asserted that it was “bordering on treason”:

Fischer: I want to give you an opportunity, Herman, as a possible 2012 candidate: what is your take on President Obama’s refusal to defend the institution of natural marriage?

Cain: I think it is a breach of presidential duty bordering on treason. The oath of office by the president says that he will protect, observe, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, which means all of its subsequent laws. The fact that he says that he has asked the Department of Justice not to enforce it, to me, is a breach duty as President of the United States.