Business is Booming, Everything Must Go!

An email from Newsmax/GOPUSA announces that it is offering Ann Coulter’s new book “Godless” at a phenomenal discount – just $5

Due to Unbelievable Interest, Our Friends at GOPUSA Are Allowing Us to Extend This Special Offer For the Next 24 Hours – Last Chance to Save Almost $23!

For sure, copies of Ann’s latest will sell out fast – so reserve your copy today at an incredibly low price. This book retails for almost $28 – so with our offer you’ll save almost $23 off the retail price.

If there has been “unbelievable interest” in Coulter’s book they are sure it is to “sell out fast,” why has GOPUSA decided to offer a $28 book for $5?  

GOPUSA claims its mission is “to spread the conservative message throughout America” – apparently, understanding the basics of supply and demand is not an important part of that message.  

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