Buchanan Agrees With Fischer That U.S. Should Ban Muslim Immigration And Mosques

Today on Focal Point, Pat Buchanan told host Bryan Fischer that he was “absolutely correct” in his repeated demand that the U.S. ban mosques and Muslim immigration. Buchanan, promoting his new book Suicide of a Superpower, has recently reminisced about the segregation era and made an appearance on a self-described “pro-white” radio show.

Not only does Fischer, the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association, want to ban Muslim immigration, but he also wants to force all immigrants to “convert to Christianity.”


Fischer: One of the suggestions I’ve made and have been hammered for it and I want to get your take on this, I’ve suggested that it’s time for us to reconsider Islamic immigration because we’re inviting into our shores people who do not share Western values. Islam, all the values in Sharia law, are absolutely, fundamentally contrary to all of the values and freedoms that we cherish in the West, and so I’ve suggested we need to rethink whether we can afford any more Muslim immigration into the US, whether we can afford to have more mosques built, do you think that’s too extreme or do you think there’s another way we can deal with the threat Islam poses to our cultural fabric?

Buchanan: In Europe you know they had a referendum in Switzerland that no more minarets, any prayer towers on the existing mosques, and they’ve condemned the wearing of the burqa that’s forced upon Muslim women. And in France and all across Europe they’re applauding those decisions, now Europe is far more to the left than the United States. But I think you’re absolutely correct.