Bryan Fischer: ‘The Real Brownshirts Are In The Homosexual Movement’

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer declared on his “Focal Point” program yesterday that “homosexual supremacy” is one of the gravest dangers in this nation today, warning that LGBTQ activists are modern-day Nazi brownshirts.

“Homosexual supremacy is the doctrine that homosexual rights trump every other right in the world,” he said. “They trump every right that heterosexuals have, they trump every right that citizens have not to be pushed around by the activists and the LGBT agenda.”

“You know, Meryl Streep is out there saying she is going to stand up to the brownshirts in our culture, referring to Donald Trump,” he continued. “The real brownshirts are in the homosexual movement. In fact, the brownshirts under Hitler literally were homosexuals.”

Fischer said that LGBTQ activists “have the same kind of worldview, same kind of mentality” as the Gestapo and he blamed “judicial activists” for giving them power and influence by decriminalizing homosexuality.

Fischer made a similar statement on Twitter over the weekend: