Bryan Fischer: Obama Was Responsible For Leaks That Took Down Michael Flynn

Bryan Fischer declared on his “Focal Point” radio program yesterday that Barack Obama was somehow responsible for the resignation of Michael Flynn from his position as national security adviser to President Trump.

Fischer said that there are all sorts of “traitors” within the intelligence community who are leaking damaging information about the Trump administration, probably at the behest of Obama.

“Donald Trump has got major problems,” Fischer said, “he’s got people leaking in his own administration, they’re obviously hold-overs; I mean, you cannot replace everybody in the intelligence community over night. People have to stay in place, they know where the bodies are buried, they know where the information can be found, there is a lot of information they have and you need to keep those people in place.”

“But these are people now who have no loyalty to this administration,” he continued. “In fact, their loyalty is probably still primarily to Barack Obama and I believe in some way or another, he’s giving signals to them to go ahead and do this. Remember, he is an agitator, that’s what Barack Obama is and he pledged that he was going to keep agitating after he got out of the White House and that is exactly what he is doing.”