Bryan Fischer: Liberals Who Can’t Understand Why Clinton Lost Are Spiritually Blind

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer said on his “Focal Point” radio program yesterday that the reason people on the left cannot understand why Hillary Clinton lost the election is because they are spiritually blind.

Fischer insisted that just as people are blind to the obvious truth of the Bible and the existence of God, so too are they simply incapable of comprehending Clinton’s loss. “It’s the same dynamic,” he said.

“That’s really a spiritual problem,” Fischer added. “And that’s part of why we need to be in prayer for our land because only God can open the eyes of people whose eyes are so blinded … How could you wake up on November 9 and not have kind of your worldview change about everything you believe if you are a liberal? But very few people did, [they] blindly march on.”

Fischer said that liberals are desperately blaming Russian interference or the FBI for Clinton’s loss “because they just do not want to accept reality, do not want to face the truth, do not want to embrace the truth.”