Brown: “Hypersensitive” Gays Want To Put Christians Into Jail

Cindy and Mike Jacobs host a weekly television program called “God Knows” where they discuss current events, like how abortion curses the land and how such sins then causes natural disasters.

On the last two episodes, the guest has been anti-gay activist Michael Brown, author of “A Queer Thing Happened to America” who explained that the ultimate agenda of gay activists is to put Christians into jail:

Mike Jacobs: So what is their ultimate goal, Michael? Do they have an agenda that they’re marching down a path with?

Brown: There are absolutely gay activist organizations with tens of millions of dollars of funding, left and right, corporate America backing them as sweethearts. Even out president supporting them …

Cindy Jacobs: Oh huge, celebrating in the White House …

Brown: With an absolute agenda. The agenda is the complete normalization of homosexuality and the complete removal of any opposition to it whatsoever.

Cindy Jacobs: And that’s us.

Brown: Here it is in a nutshell: the activists who came out of the closet about forty years ago first said “we demand our rights.” Then they began to point to others and said “you have to accept our rights.” Then they began to point to conservatives, especially conservative Christians, and said “we’re taking away your rights.” And next thing, they want to put us in the closet.

Cindy Jacobs: Or in jail.

Brown: Or in jail. In fact an attorney friend of mine said “cycle it once more: it’s not just they came out of the closet and want to put us in the closet; they were put in jail, they want to put us in jail.”

When Mike Jacobs asked why this topic is such an intense issue that creates such heated reactions, Brown asserted that it was because gays are “hypersensitive” because they know are not “affirmed by God“: