Breitbart Reporter Warns Of ‘Increasing Occultism’ And Feminist Witches

Breitbart tech reporter Charlie Nash appeared on Breitbart’s daily radio program this morning to talk about what he believed to be a feminist-inspired witchcraft movement to cast evil spells on White House officials that is an “increasing thing under Trump.”

Last weekend, Nash wrote an article detailing “the rise of feminist witchcraft” in which he claimed that the terms “witch” and “feminist” have “become synonymous.” This morning, Nash joined Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow on “Breitbart News Daily” to discuss his article and how he believes feminism and witchcraft have become “increasingly entwined.”

“You’ve got the basic things like the Etsy stores, the Witchsy stores, where they link feminist issues with witchcraft and Wicca and there’s other kind of occult symbols, but then you also have these groups of people who are actually trying to hex the president,” Nash told Marlow.

Nash went on to explain that if someone looks at the social media hashtag “#MagicResistance” he or she will see “a lot of people who are actually starting to try and hex the president and people in the White House.” Nash said that some people trying to use witchcraft against Trump have constructed elaborate “altars and tables with candles and pentagrams.” He told Marlow that he believed there were multiple reasons for the trend.

“Firstly, it creates an almost—a sense of sisterhood. They have these other women which they can kind of get together and have a weird time with. Secondly, I think it scares religious people. Obviously, a lot of these people are atheistic. They like to wind up the Christians. And thirdly, I think they also have a kind of—they feel like they have a connection to the persecuted women of the Salem witch trials. They look at these women and see them as kind of as victims of patriarchy, almost,” Nash said.

“Right,” Marlow said.

“And then also there’s a proportion of them who just want to LARP because Harry Potter and Hermione and the rest of it,” Nash said. “That’s a different section.”

Marlow asked Nash if he believed Trump was bringing about “some sort of a rise in occultism.”

“It’s definitely a reality that occultism is becoming an increasing thing under Trump,” Nash said.