Breitbart Editor: Trump Is ‘Kind Of Becoming A Little Bit Of A Loser’

Breitbart News editor Matthew Boyle said that President Trump is “kind of becoming a little bit of a loser” and encouraged Americans who oppose protections for undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children to make their voices “loud and clear.”

On last weekend’s edition of “Breitbart News Saturday,” Boyle spoke with Rosemary Jenks from the anti-immigration group NumbersUSA about Trump’s nearly universally denounced immigration plan, which included hardline policies meant to win over anti-immigrant groups along with a path to citizenship for some Dreamers. Boyle said that the proposed immigration plan showed weakness from Trump.

“Is there a chance for the American people, if their voices are heard loud and clear right now, to stand up, fight this, stop it and for President Trump to move back in the correct direction and get back to being the solid negotiator and winner that he was—that he proved himself to be on the campaign trail?” Boyle asked Jenks.

“Right now, he’s kind of becoming a little bit of a loser,” Boyle added. “How does he get back to being a winner?”

Jenks responded that Trump “needs to walk away from this deal” and because “elections should have consequences.”