Brad Pitt’s “Infernal Beliefs” Are Leading Us All to Hell

Brad Pitt appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” last week where he shared some opinions that have, surprisingly, not gone over well with the Religious Right.

It is well known that Pitt and his partner, Angelina Jolie, have publicly declared that they will not get married until gay couples are granted that same right and he reiterated that point on last week’s program, much to the dismay of Focus on the Family:

A part of the reason they haven’t married is political. Pitt declared that they would not marry until marriage is redefined for same-sex couples. He recently repeated his support for same-sex marriage on the Bill Maher show.

Pitt’s political statement is surely appreciated by the would-be redefiners of marriage although they gain nothing tangible. But his children really lose out. They lose the stability of a married mother and father and all the good things that go with it.

It’s sad that a father devoted to his children would put a political ideology before their needs, but I think this example speaks to extremes in liberal ideology. Children are too often an afterthought.

Even though Pitt and Jolie are engaged in a seemingly stable and committed relationship, that apparently doesn’t count because it’s not “marriage” and, as such, their children are, and will remain, in danger until they officially get married.

But that’s nothing compared to Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission who declares that Pitt is not only leading his family straight to hell, but is doing the same to millions of his fans as well:

Pity Brad Pitt. If this were not so serious we could laugh it off as another vain attempt by those who hate Christ and relish the fact that Christ will have the final say. But Brad Pitt is in eternal danger. He has a moral duty to repent and believe the Gospel of Christ and to love God and neighbor with all his heart. As a father, he is not just leading himself to hell, he is taking his whole family with him. How much more horrific will it be to be in hell with your whole family knowing you were supposed to be the spiritual leader of your home?

To whom much is given much is required. As an international celebrity he is also corrupting his fans with his infernal beliefs. Multiplied millions of people will rise up in hell to condemn Brad Pitt because although he was raised in the truth he would not share it while he had the chance. Pray that he turns to Christ and is saved and uses his incredible influence to glorify God. No amount of pleasure, fame and fortune in this life can compensate for an eternity under the just wrath of a Holy God in the next.