Bonus Tracks: Squirrels and Weak Links

  • Heritage Action is offering the opportunity for you to join in a national intervention on Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., whose bad habit of wrestling his conscience has gotten in the way of confirming more Trump nominees to the federal bench, using what Heritage calls “reckless and spiteful tactics.” But with just a click, you can help Flake find his way once he’s bombarded with electronic transmissions aimed to set him back on the straight and narrow: “You can either choose to stay on the lonely and devastating path you’re on, or you can decide to be on the right side of history…”
  • Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ has some personnel advice for the president, calling on him to name Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., who currently chairs the right-wing Freedom Caucus, to replace John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff. (It’s an idea that may have originated with Meadows himself.) CHQ Editor George Rasley makes the case: “Meadows knows who the squirrels and weak links are among the Capitol Hill Republicans…”
  • In his American Values newsletter, Gary Bauer has assembled several right-wing narratives into a not-quite-unified field theory of the Mueller investigation, which he describes as “an attempted coup by elements of the Deep State and the DC political establishment with the pretense of a legal process.”