Boehner to Right Wing Activists: “Keep It Up”

The day after President Obama delivered his healthcare address to a joint session of Congress, the Family Research Council hosted its own healthcare webcast featuring Congressional Republicans like Senator Jim DeMint and Rep. Chris Smith along with right-wing activists like Ken Blackwell, Harry Jackson, and Mat Staver.

FRC has now released a short video featuring the highlights of that event during which participants worked to spread the right-wing lies about healthcare reform leading to rationing (aka “death panels”), with Rep. Smith saying it would be devastating to those who are “fragile, frail, elderly, or chronically ill.”

The video is capped off by House Republican Leader John Boehner telling FRC’s right-wing activists to “keep it up,” saying that “we’ve got to keep the American people engaged in this. I will guarantee that if the American people stay engaged in this fight, they will win”: