BlazeTV Host: Electing Democrats in 2020 Would Be ‘Deadly to the United States’

Pat Gray, former co-host of “The Glenn Beck Program” and now a host at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network, warned listeners that if Democrats win the election in 2020 “or ever again,” it would lead to the “end of the republic.”

On the April 5 episode of BlazeTV’s program “The News and Why It Matters,” Gray said that nearly every candidate seeking the Democratic Party nomination for president in 2020 favors eliminating U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, enforcing a 70% income tax on the wealthy, supporting the Green New Deal climate protection regulations, legalizing infanticide, financing reparations for Native Americans and African Americans, packing the Supreme Court with additional judges, and is advocating for socialized medicine and higher education.

“Any one of these policies would cripple the United States by itself,” Gray said. “All of them together, or any number of them together—I think are the end of the republic. This is such an important election.”

He added, “I can’t image a scenario where we elect a Democrat now, in 2020, or ever again because they’re just too extreme. They’re just too radical now. They’re so far into Marxism and so far into extreme ideas—the infanticide thing is unbelievable all by itself—that to turn the country over to them with a majority in either house would be deadly to the United States.”

Co-host Stu Burguiere asserted that former Vice President Joe Biden was “dangerous in a general election,” citing the specificity that Biden has had when talking about subsidizing community college education by eliminating a tax loophole—something that Biden has been articulating since 2015—and posturing himself as “the rational one” in the race.