Big Love at King’s College: D’Souza’s Mistress Was Also Married

On the heels of a sex scandal, Dinesh D’Souza announced his resignation today as president of King’s College in New York. D’Souza, star of the nonsensical anti-Obama film 2016: Obama’s America and defender of traditional marriage, was recently caught cavorting with a much younger woman while still married to his wife. And now to make matters worse, it appears that his mistress was also married.

Last week, D’Souza blasted President Obama for undermining traditional values. Now we know D’Souza is so traditional that his love life comes straight out of the Old Testament.
D’Souza, who told Christianity Today that “he did not know that Christians generally do not approve of engagements prior to divorces being finalized,” is engaged to Denise Odie Joseph II (sic) and married to his wife. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, apparently.
Denise Odie Joseph II was known as Denise Odie back in 2010 when she was in law school. She created a new Facebook account on December 30, 2011 under the name Denise Odie Joseph II and said she got married that day:
Two days later, she posted a photo of herself with her husband:

On her blog – entitled “I, Denise, Lust After…” – she described herself in April as Mrs. Odie Joseph. The following month she wrote, “I was already going to vote for Romney because my husband told me to.”

In the “about me” section, she called herself a “conservative bloggette” who believes that “women should be the moral guardians of their homes.” She also called herself a “strong believer in the concept of Republican Motherhood.”

She also posted a photo of herself sitting at her desk, which features her wedding photo:

As others have noted, one of the things that she lusted after on her “I, Denise, Lust After…” blog was D’Souza, one of her “favorite conservative activist philosophers.” And as Brian noted on Tuesday, she shares D’Souza’s right-wing views and has strong words for liberals about marriage, divorce, adultery and cohabitation.

D’Souza may have lost his ridiculous 7-figure King’s College salary, but at least now he has a mate who shares his deeply held hypocrisy and fluid, self-serving morality. This could be the start of something big….