Better Hide The Obama Books, Just in Case

KCMB in Kansas City, MO has this story about a Catholic school pulling two books about Barack Obama from its library – see if you can follow this logic: 

A reverend at a Blue Springs parish and school has removed two books about President-elect Barack Obama from the Catholic school’s library.

The Rev. Ron Elliott at St. John LaLande School said someone complained about the content of the books, and he wanted to review them.

In a phone interview, the reverend told KMBC he was concerned about Obama’s position on abortion.

“I am very pro-life,” Elliott told KMBC’s Maria Antonia. “Because of his stance on certain issues, I was asked to look into that matter.”

Elliott said the books he pulled were printed shortly before Obama was elected president.

Elliott said he has read the books and didn’t find anything wrong with them. He said he will put the books back on the shelf in February or March, “after the dust kind of settles.”

In a different article, Elliott admits there the two books in question are written for elementary school students and contain absolutely nothing anyone could find objectionable, but he still removed them from the library just to be safe and plans on keeping them away from students for another few months:

He said the slender books, written on an elementary level, covered Obama’s childhood up to his nomination for president. Elliot, who said he is strongly anti-abortion, noted it is his responsibility as pastor to respond when concerns are raised, given Obama’s pro-abortion-rights stance.

“They don’t begin to touch on that. They don’t touch on anything controversial at all,” Elliott said. “They’re just about him growing up, with pictures of him smiling.”