Ben Carson Adviser: He Can’t Win But Will Keep Raising Money

For months, Ben Carson’s presidential campaign has had the markings of a moneymaking scam to benefit his consultants rather than a serious political operation, one which Iowa radio host Steve Deace called “the worst scam campaign of all time.” The candidate himself even joked about how members of his campaign team have profited off donations to his campaign.

Armstrong Williams, a top Carson confidante, also seemed to allude to the fact that Carson is still running because he is raising money, not because he has any expectation of actually winning the presidency.

While appearing this morning on “Breitbart News Daily,” Williams said that Carson “was brought into this race by We the People” and will continue to run as long as they send him money even though “clearly there’s no pathway to the nomination.”

“The people who care about him, who are asking him to stay in the race, they are still sending him their small donations of $5, $10 and $20,” he said. “He’s had a phenomenal week of raising money and it says to him that they want him staying in the race.”

He also said that “Dr. Carson feels as though the press has unfairly maligned him and have gone into his background like no other in this process” while at the same time the candidate is livid that the media tries to “ignore him.”