Bauer Says Obama’s Support for Gay Rights Shows he isn’t ‘Fighting for the Little Guy’

Gary Bauer yesterday emailed members of his Campaign for Working Families arguing that Democrats are dishonest by representing ‘themselves as champions of the ‘little guy’ because President Obama…supports gay rights. Apparently, gays and lesbians can’t be a “little guy,” and Bauer went on to plead with Republicans to use Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality against him in the election, saying “it is far easier to defend normal marriage than it is to argue for cuts in popular programs”:

Fighting For The Little Guy?

For decades Democrats have presented themselves as champions of the “little guy.” The president’s reelection team is desperately trying to rebuild that image by embracing the Occupy Wall Street movement and portraying Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch corporate elitist.

But just think about what Obama has been doing lately. While millions of Americans are worrying about their next paycheck or making their next mortgage payment, Obama has spent the last week pushing the radical idea that men should “marry” other men!

Who is demanding this? Certainly not the “little guy,” as the voters of North Carolina made abundantly clear. Same-sex “marriage” may be popular in New York City and San Francisco, but that is just more evidence that Obama’s radical agenda is tailored to small, vocal left-wing special interest groups.

A Day In The Life Of Barack Obama

Obama was a busy man yesterday. First, he gave the commencement speech at Barnard College, an elite women’s school affiliated with Columbia University. Obama shared the stage with Evan Wolfson, founder of the same-sex “marriage” group Freedom to Marry, who also received an award from the college. Wolfson was praised by the college’s president for, among other things, his efforts to fight the Boy Scouts’ ban on homosexual scoutmasters.

Next, Obama went on the “The View” to defend his support for same-sex “marriage.” When Barbara Walters pressed Obama on whether he would fight to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, thereby forcing every state to recognize same-sex “marriage,” he dodged the question.

Later in the day, he attended a fundraiser with openly gay singer Ricky Martin. According to CNN, Obama “outlined goals he hopes to accomplish under a second term, including the repeal of the Defense Of Marriage Act.” (How any of this is helping the unemployed or people losing their homes is a mystery.)

Once again, Obama is playing rhetorical games with the public. He won’t give the audience of “The View” a straight answer. But just as he assured Russian leader Dmitri Medvedev to wait until after the election, he told homosexual activists and donors behind closed doors that he’ll have “more flexibility” to ram their agenda into law in his second term.

I know many GOP strategists think values issues are “losers” on Election Day. But it is far easier to defend normal marriage than it is to argue for cuts in popular programs. And it has been my experience that if a candidate can’t get it right on the sanctity of life or the meaning of marriage, he isn’t likely to hold the line on economic issues.

If Obama wants to pick a fight over marriage, Republicans shouldn’t run from it. They should fight back. The American people are with us!