Bauer Has Learned Nothing

OneNewsNow reports that Gary Bauer is very concerned about reports that advisors to Barack Obama secretly met with leaders of Hamas right before the election but forced them to keep quite about it, lest it damage Obama’s campaign.  Of course, the Obama camp insists that the reports are “just plain false,” but Bauer is voicing his concern nonetheless:

Gary Bauer, president of American Values, is troubled by the news. “If the meeting in fact took place, it would be deeply troubling, not only because the meeting would have been with Hamas — a group that clearly promotes terrorism — but also…because there would be absolutely no reason in the world for a representative of Barack Obama, as a candidate, to be having such meetings abroad,” he contends.

While he hopes the report is not accurate, Bauer suggests it does not really matter. “If it isn’t, there is [sic] still plenty of other things that we know happened in the campaign that has [sic] made those of us who are pro-Israel very concerned, and things that have encouraged those who tend to be more pro-Arab-Muslim when it comes to controversies in the Middle East,” he adds.

You know, for someone who saw his own presidential campaign unravel amid allegations that he had been having an affair with a campaign manager – allegations which he insisted were “disgusting, outrageous, evil and sick” – you’d think Bauer would be a little less inclined to spread unverified and disputed rumors.