Barton: Vote For Gay Rights Or Abortion And God Will Curse You

Yesterday, we discovered that David Barton has made multiple week-long appearances on Kenneth Copeland’s “Believer’s Voice of Victory” television program over the last several years and we started working our way through them, beginning with a series from last year entitled “Choose Life and The Blessing.”

During the week-long series, Barton and Copeland focused on how people can curse and/or bless themselves based on how they vote for political candidates.  For instance, Barton explained that by voting for a candidate who supports equality, you are actually bringing a curse upon yourself:

I will tell you where this becomes very significant politically, it Romans 1:27-32, the scripture says not only does God not approve homosexuality, it says He does not approve those who do approve of homosexuality. So I’ve got a ballot, I’ve got a vote, I vote for somebody that approves homosexuality, God doesn’t approve me if I approve those who approve homosexuality. The Bible is so good about helping us know how to vote, because what you said is exactly right. The reason homosexuality will kill the blessing and I’ll tell you why, if I support someone who supports homosexuality, it will kill the blessing on me whether I’m a homosexual or not.

On a different episode Barton, while wearing an really classy patriotic shirt, explained that the same principle applies to the issue of abortion but that God will take care of Christians who vote properly even while the land is being cursed:

Think of it in terms of abortion. [Deuteronomy 27:25] says “cursed be he who takes money to slay an innocent person.” Now I wonder if that might mean abortion doctors and abortionists, taking money to slay an innocent person? And by the way, if a curse is going to be on that person, do you know that in the platforms of parties we have platforms that support abortion facilities and say federal funding out to go to it and a healthcare bill where we’re going to fund abortion. So we’re going to support a healthcare bill who funds people who kill innocent life and God says a curse if on those people who do that and now you’re putting your money, you’re putting your government, you’re putting your vote in to that? I think that gives me a curse too.

If you have cast your ballot, your seed, for righteousness, saying “I’m not going that way,” you might live in Israel with King Ahab and Jezebel, wicked, and you might be getting three and a half years of no rain but you may be like Elijah; God’s going to send you a raven to take care of you. The whole nation may have it goofed up because of the leaders, but you’re going to get taken care of because you made a covenant.