Barton Looking Forward to the “Alignment of Faith and Politics”

The slogan for the “Wallbuilders Live” radio program has always been “the intersection of faith and politics” … but it looks like David Barton and Rick Green are expecting such a fundamental shift with tomorrow’s election that they are considering changing that slogan:

Green: You picked a great day to tune it. It is the Monday before the big election … boy, you talk about the intersection of faith and politics, there is going to be a collision tomorrow.

Barton: Well, hopefully there will be an alignment more than a collision, hopefully we see an alignment of faith and politics tomorrow because the faith has been there, it’s the politics that has been contrary to the faith and tomorrow hopefully we’ll get an alignment of faith and politics.

Green: Man, that would be a good new theme for us: the alignment of faith and politics instead of just the intersection. That’s great, man. That was inspired. I think God just spoke through you today, David.

Barton: I’ll take it. I’ll take that as a prophetic thing for tomorrow, you bet.

And I also just want to post this other exchange just for the record in case a certain thrice-married conservative leader decides to runs for President and taps Barton to play a role in his campaign:

Green: What a citizen gives his vote to a man of known immorality, he abuses his trust. He sacrifices not only his known interest but that of his neighbor. He betrays the interest of his country.

So really, when we go in and vote tomorrow, we’re voting for our country , we’re voting on whether or not our children will get to enjoy the same things that we’ve enjoyed.

Barton: And you’re really voting on character. That’s what he said is look to the character. If you vote for someone of known immorality, if you vote for someone who has known character flaws, you’re a traitor to your country.