Barber Says ‘Atheists Have Their Own Holiday’…April First

Liberty Counsel is spending the holiday season the best way they know how, by ratcheting up the rhetoric on the supposed “War on Christmas” and demanding that stores say “Merry Christmas” to customers and politicians place sectarian symbols in the public square. The group has been particularly outraged over Rhode Island’s display of a “Holiday Tree,” even comparing it to a military threat from North Korea and accusing Governor Lincoln Chafee of “kow-towing to the Commies,” saying he “is well-suited for survival at the North Korea border.” Of course, Liberty Counsel fails to mention that Chafee’s Republican predecessor also called it a “Holiday Tree,” but evidently Republicans get a free pass during the “War on Christmas.”

Today on Faith & Freedom, Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber said that Chafee is “joining forces with radical atheist groups to offend a majority percentage of Americans.” The funnyman went on to joke, “On April First we have April Fool’s Day, so atheists have their own holiday! So I don’t understand why they’re in such a fuss!”