Barber: People Hate Tim Tebow Because he is Saving Himself for Marriage

It is fascinating to watch all the Religious Right activists who have jumped on the Tim Tebow bandwagon fume that not everyone shares their adoration for him.  It is even more fascinating to watch them try to come up with explanations as to why the Denver Broncos quarterback has become such a polarizing figure.

The question of why so many people dislike Tebow was the topic of Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” program today where Matt Barber offered up a new explanation that we had not heard before – people hate Tebow because he is saving himself for marriage:

Tim Tebow is proud to acknowledge that he is saving himself, respecting God’s design for human sexuality between a man and a woman within the bonds of marriage. He also is an advocate for purity. This young, good looking, strapping, athletic man is defying our pop culture today, so that drives them crazy even further.

We need to be praying for Tim Tebow because the Scripture also says we fight not flesh and blood but powers and principalities and Tim Tebow’s going to be in the enemies cross-hairs right now because he is being salt and light as we’re commanded to do, so he’s going to be under assault. There’s going to be tremendous temptation on him with young women throwing themselves at him and so forth. We need to pray that Tim Tebow will remain strong.