Barber: OWS is an AstroTurf Movement Made up of People who Hate America

Matt Barber is convinced that liberals are out to indoctrinate school children in every possible way and is pointing to this OneNewsNow article about organization helping a group of kids write a song about Occupy Wall Street as further proof.

On the “Faith and Freedom” radio program today, Barber used this article as a jumping off point to rail against the Occupy Wall Street movement in general, which he claimed was nothing more than an “astroturf” movement created by George Soros and run by people who hate America:

This, again, brings us back around to the larger subject of this Occupy Wall Street, this astroturf movement that’s been funded from [George] Soros down and from every other angle, taking a bunch of over-educated, over-indulged white youth and attempting to force change … So we shouldn’t be surprised that this group, this Occupy Wall Street movement, which has been endorsed by the Messiah himself, President Barack Obama, that they are now trying to infiltrate the schools and corrupt the minds of children.

I think the Occupy Wall Street movement, the larger movement, is anathema to the idea of American Exceptionalism. In fact, I would go so far as to say that many of those involved in this movement hate America as it was originally formed and founded as a free market country rooted in the Judeo-Christian ethic.