Barber: Obama ‘Might Start Rounding up Priests’ and ‘Throw Priests in Prison’

After warning that the hate crimes law would be “used to prosecute pastors” (it didn’t), now Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber is warning that the mandate for insurance plans to cover contraceptives with narrow religious exemptions, a decision backed by the majority of Catholics, will mean that the government may “start rounding up priests.” Yesterday on Faith and Freedom, Barber made the case that the contraceptive mandate, which he called “the most astounding and gross constitutional violation I have ever seen,” will lead to the government to “start throwing priests in prison” and “pastors in prison.”

This I have to say is the most astounding and gross constitutional violation I have ever seen, and violation of the freedom of conscience, I have seen in my lifetime, and it comes from the President of the United States. The gloves have come off, all pretexts are gone, this president is willing to push his agenda to trample the Constitution of the United States to do it, his radical pro-abortion, liberal agenda.

I am hoping that they have called President Obama’s bluff here, because what’s the alternative now? Are they going to go in and start shutting down Catholic hospitals? Start shutting down Catholic schools? Start fining them inordinate amount of money? Start throwing priests in prison, pastors in prison, organizers and CEOs of Christian hospitals around the country in prison? They might! I wouldn’t be surprised frankly, the fact that they were willing to do something so brazenly unconstitutional who’s to say that they won’t take it to the next step, to the next level, and start rounding up priests who refuse to comply with this unconstitutional dictate?