Barber: Obama And Democrats Are “Anti-God”

Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber is aghast that Harry Reid said the phrase “one nation, indivisible,” to mark the anniversary of the Civil War. The words “under God” were added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1955 and were not part of the original pledge. Reid did not recite the entire Pledge, just the one phrase. Speaking to Shawn Akers on Faith and Freedom, Barber said that President Obama and Reid are both “secular socialist[s]” who are “anti-God” and seek to eliminate “any reference to God, to religion, to a Creator.” As Kyle previously noted, Religious Right figures are consistently and falsely accusing Obama of deliberately removing mentions of God in his speeches, and Newt Gingrich even wrote a book about “Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine.”


Shawn, President Obama is a secular-socialist. Harry Reid is a secular-socialist. They have a secular-socialist agenda. Socialism encompasses Marxism. What is part and parcel of Marxism? Anti-religion. The removal of Christianity, particularly any reference to Christianity, but the removal of the state to any reference to God, to religion, to a Creator. It is inherently atheist, that socialism is inherently atheist, or secular. The policies that these men are pushing, and other liberals in Congress and around the country, are secular-socialist policies. We shouldn’t be surprised that when the very policies they push are anti-God, are hostile toward our Judeo-Christian founding and seek to recreate, to fundamentally transform America as President Obama has said, to a secular-socialist nation in their own self-image. We shouldn’t be surprised that they are brazenly, overtly removing reference to God from our founding documents and from our pledge of allegiance.