Barber: Marriage Equality Is A “Rebellion Against God”

Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber was rejoicing today on his radio show over a decision by a federal court which affirmed the state of Louisiana’s decision not to issue a birth certificate including both of the names of the two men who were adopting a child born in the state. According to Barber, the court’s ruling damages the prospects of marriage equality across the nation. Barber, who recently said that progressives and radical Muslims were working together to “destroy” God, said that “homosexual activists” are part of an “anti-marriage movement” whose goal isn’t marriage but to bring about “an act of rebellion against God.” Barber claims:

Really, this is an anti-marriage movement. Homosexual activists are not looking for the white picket fence; they don’t really want marriage in the traditional monogamous sense of a lifelong relationship. The reality is that most of these activists are looking to attack the institution of marriage because it is something that was given to us by God, something designed by God; ultimately this is an act of rebellion against God.