Barber: I’m Not Slandering Obama, Because It’s True That He’s A Marxist Ideologue Out to Destroy America

Last week, Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber wrote that President Obama was, in essence, a traitor who was out to destroy America; perhaps not entirely, but at least destroy the nation “both as we know her and as our Founding Fathers intended her.”

On Friday, Alan Colmes brought Barber onto his radio program to discuss this accusation and, to his credit, Barber more or less stood by it, despite the fact that Colmes repeatedly pointed out that Barber’s claims that Obama is a Marxist/Communist is fundamentally absurd and that Barber is engaging in nothing short of McCarthyism. 

Barber insisted, repeatedly, that Obama’s agenda is designed to fundamentally weaken America so that the government can eventually take complete control and that this is all part of a long-held philosophy that Obama learned from his Marxist mentors and professors … and his Marxist mother.

When Colmes accused Barber of engaging in the sorts of baseless, ad hominem attacks that Barber typically decries, his response was that it is not slander to accuse the President of being a Marxist who is out to destroy America because the truth is that Obama is a Marxist who is out to destroy America: