Barber: Gays Are Targeting Your Kids In Order To Plant “Poison In Their Impressionable Little Minds”

Recently, a Facebook page and petition have been launched asking PBS to let the Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie get married to which executives have responded by explaining that they cannot get married because they are puppets “and do not have a sexual orientation.”

But, of course, the Religious Right is utterly incensed by the idea of this and so now we get to listen to Concerned Women for America bring on Matt Barber to go off on a patented anti-gay tirade about “sexual anarchists” are out to target your children and “plant this poison in their impressionable little minds”:

The sexual anarchist lobby, we have long said, that they are targeting our children for indoctrination and for sexualization. I have to ask why must these moral anarchists sexualize everything? They are so sex-centric … and these idiots need to leave our children alone and let kids be kids.

The larger lesson to take away from this is that children are the future and the homosexual activist lobby, sexual anarchists in general, the sexual relativism movement, they understand this so they have to reprogram kids and sexualize kids so that they can do away with that natural aversion to this idea of sexual behavior between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. We intuitively reject this notion because it’s unnatural.

It’s infuriating that they must, in order to own the future, get a hold of the minds of these young kids and plant this poison in their impressionable little minds. And the good news through all of this is that it really removes the mask – it exposes the sexual anarchy movement for what they are and it lets everybody know what we’ve said all along: they are targeting your children.