Bannon: Trump Got ‘Very Bad Information’ To Support Luther Strange, A Vote For Moore Is ‘Supporting Donald Trump’

Former presidential adviser Steve Bannon, who is now back at the helm of Breitbart News, paid a surprise visit to Breitbart’s radio program this morning, where he stumped for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and argued that a vote for Moore is in fact a vote in support of Trump, despite the fact that Trump has endorsed Moore’s opponent, Luther Strange.

Bannon and the program’s host, Raheem Kassam, broadcasted this morning from Alabama, where Bannon will be headlining a rally for Moore tonight. They took a call from a listener who insisted that Alabama voters are “not letting Trump down” by voting for Moore, and implied that Trump’s endorsement of Strange was disingenuous and part of a deal that he’s making on behalf of Moore.

Trump, the caller said, “can go make these deals and look like he’s partying on the other side, but he knows that the voters in Alabama are going to do the right thing, no matter who he stands on a platform and says he’s behind.”

“If you vote for Luther Strange, you’re going to disappoint Donald Trump,” she added.

“I think that sums it up better than any analyst right there,” Bannon responded, “is that it’s the wisdom of the voters of Alabama, and I think that if you do what’s right in your heart, then you’re supporting Donald Trump. I think this is going to come down to, basically, very bad information and misinterpretation of some basic information to President Trump, the reason he got into this situation.”

He added that if “you vote your heart, you do the right thing, it’s going to turn out right.”