Jim Bakker Warns That Attacks On Trump Will Bring God’s Judgment On America

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker warned on his television program yesterday that God’s judgment will soon fall on America because of all the attacks on President Trump.

“They want Trump in prison,” he said. “I thought we had an America that we were supposed to have an election and then start working together. We have an almost anti-American spirit going on.”

Bakker’s guest, Sharon Gilbert, agreed, saying that “Washington, D.C., seems to be the black heart of this terrible spiritual movement” because the city is filled with “men and women who serve our enemy, the enemy of Yahweh,” which is proof that opposition to Trump is “occult in nature.”

“How can we want to kill a president who is trying to save America’s babies?” Bakker asked. “Come on Christians, you had better wake up! Because the church is very sound asleep over this thing and judgment will come. I’ve read the book [the Bible]—I didn’t just read the end of the book, I read the whole book. Judgment always comes when you mock God, when you curse God and we’ve cursed God in this country.”