Bakker: Christians Are No Longer ‘Second-Class Citizens’ Now That Trump’s President

Today, televangelist Jim Bakker and his guest, evangelist Billye Brim, continued to express their joy at Donald Trump’s election, with Brim declaring that God put Trump in the White House to help Christians.

As a chyron on the screen announced “Thank God For This Election Victory!,” Bakker asked Brim if she also felt “the atmospheric change when Trump became president.”

“I feel free! I can talk in my pulpit now,” exclaimed Brim, who apparently was not allowed to speak freely before Trump’s victory.

Bakker agreed: “They can’t shut us up! We have a Constitution that belongs to us—this Constitution is for the church! We’re not second-class citizens! They turned us into that!”

Brim rejoiced that while Obama supposedly sent money to terrorists, Trump is now the president, “praise the Lord!”

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