Bachmann Taps Mat Staver To Teach Tea Party Class

There are few “mainstream” anti-gay activists operating today that can match Matt Barber for shear antigay vitriol.  In fact, it was his attacks on gays that turned Barber into a Religious Right celebrity in the first place, eventually landing him a job with Concerned Women for America before Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel lured him away and gave him a position as Associate Dean at Liberty University and Director of Cultural Affairs with Liberty Counsel.

And Staver snapped up Barber because he shares his anti-gay views and because of their endless anti-gay attacks, Liberty Counsel found itself on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of anti-gay groups.

So, of course, Rep. Michele Bachmann has tapped Staver to come and teach her Tea Party class to members of Congress … after, of course, she joins him for the upcoming Awakening 2011 conference, along with Newt Gingrich:

Staver joins David Barton and Jay Sekulow as anti-gay Religious Right activists that Bachmann has sought out to teach her Tea Party class on the Constitution.