As Navy Chaplain, Klingenschmitt Performed Gay Exorcism on Rape Victim

In our last post, we highlighted a clip from David Pakman’s recent interview with Gordon Klingenschmitt in which Klingenschmitt related how he had performed an exorcism on a lesbian soldier when he was a chaplain in the Navy.

It turns out that just last month, Klingenschmitt told the same story to Peter LaBarbera, with the added detail that the woman had come to him for counseling because she had been raped:

[Update 4-12-2016: The audio clip originally featured in this post has expired, so we have replaced the clip, in light of Klingenschmitt’s association with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.]

LaBarbera: Chaps, you alluded to a story about an exorcism with a woman trapped in lesbianism. Tell us about that.

Klingenschmitt: Yes, well as a Navy Chaplain one of my first counseling assignments walked into my office and sat down with me was a young woman who had been raped. And it was tragic, I mean she was the victim of abuse and was going through a trial process where she was the witness against another sailor, they were both sailors, who was on her ship. But she said privately to me, “Chaplain, it was not consensual sex because I don’t even like men, I’m a lesbian. So what should I do?”

And I wept with her and I cried with her and I asked her about her background; turns out she had been abused as a child by some men in her family and I said “let me ask you a question: all these men who abused you, where they full of the Devil or where they full of Jesus Christ?”

And she had to answer “well, of course they’re full of the devil.” I said that is proof right there, perhaps, that Jesus Christ himself can be the first man that you trust and I suggested we have a wedding ceremony and she got married to Jesus Christ as the first man she could ever trust.

She gave her life to Jesus. She welcomed the Holy Spirit. And I looked into her eyes as she began to weep and I said “you foul spirit of lesbianism, this woman has renounced you, come out of her in Jesus’ name” and she began to wrestle with that and suddenly her eyes began to bug out and then she began to weep, and weep, and weep as the Holy Spirit forgave her sins.

She was baptized the next day and then she became one of the best evangelists in our church, started carrying around her Bible telling all of her friends about Jesus and she started dating boys.