Anti-Immigration Activist Complains About ‘Naked Panhandling Illegal Aliens’ In The Streets Of Liberal Cities

Mark Krikorian, whose Center for Immigration Studies consulted with the drafters of a recently introduced bill that would slash legal immigration in half, discussed sanctuary cities in an interview last week on VCY America’s “Crosstalk” program, saying that liberal sanctuary cities also have problems with homelessness because they don’t want to “impose rules on anybody,” leading to “naked panhandling illegal aliens in the street.”

The comments were prompted by a listener who called in from Oregon to say that nobody wants to go to Chicago anymore because people are “running around naked panhandling” and suggested that offended parties file “class-actions against the nudity.”

Krikorian tried to tie the listener’s comments back to the topic at hand by saying that a failure to crack down on homeless people comes from the same sort of local governments who provide sanctuary to undocumented immigrants.

“A lot of these sanctuary cities are also places, apart from immigration, that just allow panhandling and drug use on the street, in other words there’s a lot more of this disorder that these liberal jurisdictions allow,” he said. “I was in Portland a few weeks back and, you know, there’s just guys sleeping out in shantytowns, practically, in the middle of the street. And these are perfectly, you know, people, sound bodies, they’ve all got two arms, two legs, you know, but the city government allows that sort of thing. And the immigration thing is almost part of these liberal jurisdictions not wanting to impose rules on anybody and you end up with, you know, naked panhandling illegal aliens in the street. It’s almost funny as long as you don’t have to live with it.”