Anti-Immigrant Activist Is Running for U.S. Senate in Connecticut

The Connecticut Jewish Ledger presses Paul Streitz, the co-founder of a Minuteman-like group called Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control, about his restrictionist views:

If he were alive during the late 1800s or early 1900s, said Paul Streitz, he would have barred Eastern European Jews from entering this country, even if they were fleeing pogroms.

More recently, he said, in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, the United States should have never admitted the thousands of Jews who sought to leave the Soviet Union and, later, the former Soviet Union. “We’re not their savior,” he added. “They should have settled things in their own country.”

As for the Jews who tried desperately to escape from Hitler’s Europe, the co-director of Connecticut Citizens for Immigrant Control said he would have allowed in those refugees but under one condition: that they return, at some point, to their native land.

Lest anyone think that Streitz is anti-Semitic, the Darien activist, a 63-year-old marketing professional, would have also closed the nation’s doors to Irish fleeing the potato famine and other groups, European, Asian or African, trying to escape the dire poverty of their lands.

Streitz, who spent some time with the Minuteman at the border, is also a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. He is most famous for attacking McDonald’s for employing too many Mexican immigrants:

The co-founder of an anti-immigration group in Connecticut demanded Wednesday that government officials investigate the “disproportionate” hiring of “Hispanics” at McDonald’s restaurants after presenting what he had privately described to group members as his “MexDonald’s” study. …

Streitz said the survey had observed 1,183 employees at McDonald’s restaurants whom his group classified, based on “personal observations,” as either white, African-American, Hispanic, or Asian.

You can read more of his views on this web site, where he writes that, “Mexico has declared war on the United States. The Mexicans call it Reconquista. They say they are reconquering Aztlan.”