Anti-Choice ​Group Launches ‘Reverse Roe’ Tour in Senate Battleground States

Get Equal's Mark Harrington (Image from radio show posted on Created Equal's YouTube channel.)

Created Equal, an anti-choice organization that has strategically adopted the language of the civil rights movement​—they call abortion “age-based discrimination”—​is raising money for a “Reverse Roe” tour in Senate battleground states.

An email from Created Equal’s Mark Harrington Thursday night celebrated the fact that President Donald Trump’s choice to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will “likely reverse Roe v. Wade.”

“This is a historic moment for the pro-life movement,” he wrote. “Four years ago, the notion of having a pro-life majority on the Supreme Court was only a pipe dream. ​But with the election of Donald Trump, that dream is on the verge of becoming a reality.”

But Harrington ​cautioned Republicans against being satisfied. He wrote that “winning the ‘SCOTUS battle’ but losing the ‘Election war’” would be counter​productive, warning that if Democrats take power, they might expand the Supreme Court to neutralize the right-wing majority. “So we will put all our assets in the Senate battlegrounds and double up with some key presidential states too​,”​ he said.

“We are racing to the sound of the battle,” Harrington wrote, asking for money to pay for the group’s graphic anti-abortion mobile billboards and airplane banners.