Ann Coulter: Immigrants Come From Cultures Where ‘Every Single Level Of Society Is Criminal’

While appearing on “The Howie Carr Show” last night, right-wing pundit and author Ann Coulter claimed that many immigrants to the U.S. come from “backwards cultures” where “every single level of society is criminal.”

“By in large, Anglo-Saxon Americans, black Americans, the traditional Americans, pre-the third-world hordes coming in, are the most honest, the most respectful of women, children, the vulnerable, the elderly, the unborn,” she said. “So, when we’re bringing in immigrants from vastly different cultures, we’re just inevitably bringing in a lot more corruption and a lot more criminality.”

Coulter, an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump’s immigration policies, claimed that immigration goes hand-in-hand with welfare fraud:

By in large, your traditional American criminal is dumb, commits obvious crimes, leaves evidence all over, we understand the motive—it’s usually some crap-ass motive about some petty amount of money or spouses killing one another—but many other cultures, every single level of society is criminal. So now we’re getting smart criminals coming in; figuring out how to work the system and steal from Medicare and Medicaid. I mean I’m sorry but Trump is right. We don’t need um, Paul Ryan cutting back on Social Security and cutting back on Medicare and cutting back on Medicaid. What we need is Donald Trump to stop this dump of low-wage workers and third-world, very backwards cultures on the country. They are bringing in their elderly relatives, immediately going on social security, Medicare or Medicaid and also, an awful lot of them, more than our native-born, are committing massive frauds.