And Now A Word From Judy, The Talking Embryo

Meet “Judy, The Talking Embryo,” the new face of the anti-choice movement – seriously, click this link.

This is apparently the Right’s newest weapon in its war against choice:

Until now, the malicious and distracting influence of “Choice” has gone unchallenged and abortion is never discussed apart from its legitimizing influence. Clearly damaging the image of “Choice” would help Pro-Life move the discussion to abortion itself. Fortunately, over the years “Choice” has become vulnerable to criticism due to its close relationship with abortion. Choice actually facilitates abortion and makes it permissible with the phrase “Freedom of choice” By doing this “Choice” has become an accomplice to the abortions. Thus, “Choicekills” is a legitimate accusation. The Choicekills graphic symbolizes “Choice’s” connection to the killing.

What the Choicekills effort can contribute to the anti-abortion movement is a new idea that will help change the discussion from defense to offense. From wasting time being drawn into discussing a minor issue to forthrightly accusing Choice itself of contributing to millions of abortions.

The Choicekills effort is introduced with a Website, It is directed at young women. Judy, “The talking embryo” greets them with the tragic reality of her dangerous existence and asks for their help. Typical opinions of young women who have been enticed to abort their babies portray a variety of regrets stemming from the deceiving image that Choice had given them. Website visitors are encouraged to keep other young women from falling prey to the seduction of Choice and know for sure that “Freedom of Choice” is far from free. Inexpensive bumper stickers and T-shirts are offered as a way to carry the life-saving message to their community. Young men are encouraged to assist their female friends in the effort.