An Unwelcome Invitation

Just before the New Hampshire Primaries, the Christian Defense Coalition (perhaps best known for anointing the seats in the hearing room before the confirmation hearings of John Roberts and Samuel Alito) announced that it would be taking part in something called “The New Hampshire Awakening” – an effort to ensure that “the voice of the innocent children that have been brutalized through abortion be heard loud and clear at the start of the Presidential Primary season.”

As part of their pre-Primary activities, they even planned a “non-partisan” prayer vigil to which all candidates were invited.  As their letter of invitation stated:

The prayer vigil will be non-partisan and we are inviting all Democrat and Republican Presidential candidates to attend. During the evening, we will take time to pray for each candidate individually. We will offer the same prayer for each person, asking God to give the candidates wisdom, guidance, courage and faith. Since this is the first in the nation Presidential Primary, it is imperative that we look to God for His direction and blessing as the primary season begins.

Presumably, none of the major candidates showed up (though the CDC claimed that Ron Paul had agreed to attend) which is probably just as well, since it would have only interfered with the CDC’s plans of targeting the Democratic candidate’s campaigns by forming a “life chain outside of the New Hampshire campaign office of Senator Hillary Clinton” and disrupting a Barack Obama campaign really:  

About 20 pro-life protesters made the leading Democratic presidential candidate confront the issue of abortion on Monday when they interspersed themselves in a rally he held at the Rochester Opera House. Obama had just begun speaking at the Monday night event when the pro-life advocates waved signs and chanted.

The protesters, members of the Christian Defense Coalition and the youth-oriented group Survivors, shut down the Obama campaign rally chanting “abortion is an Obama-nation.”

The chant was a play on the phrase “abortion is an abomination.”