An Hour Of My Life That I’ll Never Get Back: Barber and LaBarbera Discuss All Things Gay

In my last post about Matt Barber, I admitted that I was getting to the point where Barber has become such a broken record when it comes to his antipathy toward all things gay that his statements are barely even worth mentioning any more.

And that is exactly the feeling I had as I sat and listened to an entire hour of Barber and Peter LaBarbera talking about their mutual dislike of gays on LaBarbera’s radio program.

Barber and LaBarbera discussed how Barber’s firing from Allstate was part of God’s plan to get him involved in fighting the culture war and proof that gays and liberals are fundamentally intolerant and how transgender men and women are rebelling against God and how the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was going to lead to men in dresses and the feminization of the military and blah, blah, blah.

By now, their attacks have become so mundane that I could barely even find anything worth highlighting … except for this ad for LaBarbera’s Americans for Truth group which just struck me as so ridiculously over-the-top, even for him, that it was unintentionally hilarious:

Are you sick and tired of homosexuality and gay marriage being celebrated by the liberal media and popular culture? Do you worry about the radical gay agenda being pushed on young children in schools? Are you worried that the gay movement will destroy America’s religious freedoms? And are you offended that Christians are called “bigots” and “homophobes” just because they agree with God that homosexual behavior is wrong?

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality is a single issue group devoted to exposing and fighting the gay agenda. They are not about hate, but love for God’s truth. They are Christians, so instead of celebrating homosexuality, they lift up the many ex-gays who have left it behind and now lead Godly lives through Christ.

But Americans for Truth needs your help. The gay lobby has lots of money, power, and media support but it lacks truth.

Please help keep this show on the air and educate America about the goals of this anti-Christian movement.

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