Ammon Bundy: We Seized Federal Building To Stop The Coming War

Ammon Bundy, the head of a group of anti-government militia members who have taken over a federal building in Oregon, said in a radio interview on Sunday that his group is peaceful and that they are in fact trying to prevent future “war and violence.”

“We’re here because we feel that the Lord wanted us here,” Bundy said on the Arizona-based “Patriot” movement program “The Common Sense Show,” repeating his claim that the militia’s move has divine backing.

He insisted that his militia is a peaceful group that only seized the building because they were afraid war was coming.

“We are not here to be protesters and we never did come here to be protesters,” he said. “We came here very simply. We didn’t come to cause a war either, in fact, that’s exactly the opposite. We felt that if we did not stand now when the people had good reason to stand and if we did not make this stand, that eventually down the years, and you know how close we’re getting, eventually, very soon, that it would come to war. We felt that we needed to make this stand now so that we can peacefully go through this process [and] get the people back on their feet without war or violence.”