Ammon Bundy Compares His Militia To Black And Women’s Civil Rights Movements, Founding Fathers

Last week, several media outlets fell for the made-up story that Ammon Bundy, the leader of an anti-government militia that has seized a federal building in Oregon, tweeted a comparison between himself and civil rights leader Rosa Parks. (The Twitter account in question turned out to be fake.)

But in a radio interview on Sunday with “Patriot” movement radio host David Hodges on his “The Common Sense Show,” the real Ammon Bundy did indeed strike a comparison between his actions and the black civil rights movement, along with the women’s rights movement and the Founding Fathers.

Bundy said his group decided to seize the federal building because “there has been a complete exhaustion of prudent methods, including through the courts, including through elected representatives.”

Going outside of such legal and democratic actions, Bundy said, is what the Founding Fathers would have wanted them to do: “Just as our founders taught, this is the right way to do it.”

“This is the way in which our founders did it, this is the way in which the black community got their rights, it’s the way in which the women received their rights and it’s the way in which rights are protected and defended,” he added. Bundy, who has previously compared himself to George Washington, went on to say he would encourage people to “go back in history to determine how things are really done.”

Hodges, who like Bundy is an anti-government extremist, went on to say that law enforcement officials are using “Gestapo” tactics against Bundy, who said he only wanted to start “a dialogue” between the government and local members of the community, whom he said are being persecuted by the government.