Alveda King Gushes Over Trump on Policing, Says ‘America Can Dream Again’

Alveda King appearing on "Fox & Friends Weekend" on August 13, 2017

Anti-abortion activist Alveda King praised President Donald Trump Monday for ​what she calls Trump’s “aspirational leadership” on police reform ​and urged​Americans to “set aside our partisan divisions and come together in support of the noble pursuit of justice that Trump is undertaking.”

In an opinion column published at the right-wing Washington Examiner, King praised Trump’s recent executive order on police reform, which she called “landmark” and “unprecedented.”

“As President Trump works toward building a more perfect union, America can dream again,” she continued.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow had a different take on the executive order, saying Trump “doesn’t seek to address the rage this inequity has bred, but rather to contain it, to return society to slumber, to have the oppressed suffer in silence so that the oppressors can revel in the void.”

As the Washington Post noted, Trump has lied about Obama administration efforts to reform policing. Trump has actually rescinded Obama-era executive orders on the transfer of military gear to local police departments and undermined the Obama-era program that promoted community policing.

King, niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., is a member of the “prophetic” pro-Trump POTUS Shield network’s leadership council and of Black Voices for Trump. In dismissing the late Coretta Scott King’s support for marriage equality, Alveda King once said, ‘I’ve got his DNA. She doesn’t.”